Ask ne1

ask anyone around you


Where is Ask ne1 Available?

Ask ne1 is available in most of New York City

What does ne1 mean?

ne1 is short for "anyone". Because who has time for typing?

Why Facebook?

We use Facebook only to validate your identity See Privacy

Who can see my ne1's?

Only those within the distance you set can see your ne1. By default, your ne1 will only be visible to those within a quarter mile from you

Who is Asky?

Asky is our trusted assistant who is there to help you. You can message him with questions, feedback, or just to chat

What questions can I ask on Ask ne1?

You can ask any question that starts with ne1 and is 140 characters or less. This makes it fast for everyone to read ne1's. You can comment on your ne1 if you need to provide extra info

How do I save an ne1 so I can still see it if I move out of its range?

By favoriting an ne1 you can see it even if you move away from its range

How does Karma work?

You gain Karma points by being helpful to the community. You get 1 point for asking, 2 for commenting, 3 points for every person who favorites your question, 4 points for every person who +1's your comment and 10 points for getting a Thank You sticker

How do I get Thank You stickers?

When you respond to an ne1, the asker can choose to send you a Thank You sticker

Are you guys giving away Ask ne1 swag?

Message Asky and he'll mail you awesome swag

How to I delete an ne1?

Use the Take Down button so it does not show up in people's timelines. To permanently delete the ne1, use the Remove button

How do I report an inappropriate ne1?

Use the report button on an ne1

How do I delete my Ask ne1 profile?

Go to and remove Ask ne1 from the list. This will remove all your information from Ask ne1

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