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Ask Anyone Around You

Life is so much easier when we can ask those around us. Ask ne1 is a virtual megaphone that lets you ask anyone around you. Only those within the distance you choose see your ne1. No creepers halfway around the world responding to your ne1's

Get Stuff Done

Ask ne1 lets you get stuff done by tapping into the power of those around you

Meet Cool People

Ask ne1 is a curated community of people verified through Facebook. Everyone on Ask ne1 has karma points based on how helpful they are to the community. Ask ne1 makes it super easy to ask those around you - Marinos - NE1

Marinos Bernitsas is the founder of ne1 Ne1. ne1 lets you ask a question to anyone around you within a distance you choose, such as "ne1 have a hammer I could borrow to hang some artwork?" or "ne1 around Starbucks have a Mac Book Pro charger?". Marinos also goes over getting started with app development. #appdevelopment #appstore #ne1 #softwarenyc #techstartup

Posted by on Friday, February 13, 2015

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